A successful prelude to a great meal

Light, refined nibbles

Whether a hearty soup or a fresh salad – both warm and cold starters are available as a prelude to our main courses.

By combining select ingredients in a sophisticated manner, we create small appetisers that make you want more and prepare the palate for the subsequent dishes.


Onion soup with roasted baguette and Comté cheese € 8,90
6 snails from Burgundy with parsley and garlic butter € 11,50
Fish soup «Marseille» with croutons,rouille, and cheese € 12,00
Battered goat cheese with bell-pepper and rosemary chutney € 13,00
Salmon tartare with wasabi mayonnaise and bread chip € 14,50
Lobster soup with prawns € 15,00
Niçoise Salad with tuna rillettes, anchovies, green beans, potatoes, organic egg € 17,50
Duck liver terrine, passion fruit and brioche € 22,00
Fried scallops with celery puree, apple cider chutney and pine nuts € 24,00
grilled octopus with olive oil
€ 26,00
King prawns – black tiger
3 roasted king prawns from lava stone grill with spicy aioli
€ 28,00

Starters for 2-10 persons

Salmon tatare, goat cheese, duck liver, fennel salami, rosemary ham, octopus, olives and grilled vegetables € 22,50 per person

Please note, menu and prices are subject to change.