Seafood platters

Specialties from the sea

Seafood platters are very popular in French fish restaurants and are considered a particular delicacy.

We offer you mixed platters together with a varied selection of fresh seafood, such as lobster, oysters, prawns or octopus.


For two persons


4 oysters, 6 shrimps, 6 prawns, lemon, raspberry vinegar with shallots € 45,00


1 lobster, 4 oysters, 6 prawns, 6 shrimps, 2 Black Tiger shrimp, 2 crab claws, 2 scallops, fried octopus, salmon tartar, lemon, bell-pepper-and-celery vinaigrette, cucumber-and-gin vinaigrette € 150,00

«La Mer»

Grilled half lobster, 2 fried scallops, 4 fried shrimps, 2 roasted king prawns – Black Tiger, served with ratatouille, rouille, cocktail sauce and rosemary potatoes
+ with whole lobster  + € 40,00
€ 80,00 per person

Please note, menu and prices are subject to change.