First-class gourmet meat

The finest meats for epicures

The high culinary level and excellent quality of our meat dishes are the calling cards of our French restaurant.

In addition to French classics such as Coq au vin, we also offer the finest goulash as well as tender steaks from the lava stone grill. The dishes are served with tasty side dishes.


Coq au vin
KIKOK – Chicken thighs in burgundy sauce with oyster mushrooms and truffled mashed potatoes
 € 19,00
Filets du porc Duroc
Pork tenderloin medallions from the region with parsnip- mousseline, port wine shallots, thyme jus
€ 22,00
Braised ox cheeks with minty pea purée and glazed carrots € 23,00
Pink fried breast of a Barbary duck with potato gratin, beetroot cream, glazed peas € 24,00
Rump steak (200g) with hand-cut fries  € 26,00
+ «Café de Paris» butter + € 4,00
+ Pommery mustard sauce + € 4,50
Roast rack of lamb served on Cassoulet de Castelnaudary and thyme sauce € 27,00
Entrecôte (200g) with grilled vegetables and hand-cut fries  € 32,00
+ «Café de Paris» butter + € 4,00
+ Pommery mustard sauce + € 4,50
Beef tenderloin with green beans, roast onions, truffled mashed potatoes and Pommery mustard sauce
200g € 38,00
300g € 49,00
+ Sauce Béarnaise
+ Pommery mustard sauce
+ € 4,50
+ € 4,50

For 2-10 persons

Unbelievably tender double steak from the center of the beef fillet, served with green beans, roast onions, potato gratin, Bernaise sauce
€ 39,00 per person

Please note, menu and prices are subject to change.