Christmas Eve menu

Festive dining at Ganymed

Christmas Eve is every year a joyful event for the whole family. We take care of the cooking so that you can celebrate at home without any worries. Pre-order goose or our menu and receive a high quality Christmas dinner from the Ganymed packed ready to serve.

This year the choices are: whole goose, half goose or our Christmas menu.

As soon as our menu for Christmas Eve is set, we will inform you via our website and newsletter. Sign up to stay up to date on our events.

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On Christmas Eve we come to your home

This year, we offer take-away and delivery of our festive Christmas Eve menu and stuffed goose . Both are prepared ready-to-eat and can be heated by you in no time with standard household kitchen utensils. Christmas Eve feasting has never been so easy!

Pick up your Christmas dinner directly from us or have it delivered directly to your home within a 6 km radius. You can order goose and Christmas Eve menu in our online store.

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Foto: Florian Kottlewski

Christmas stuffed goose with side dishes

Our feast in 30-40 min: stuffed goose with classic side dishes and first-class goose jus. The goose (4-5 kg) is just right for 4 people. If you are more people, you can order our goose legs.

  • Whole goose 4-5 kg stuffed with apple, plum, raisin, orange, star anise and cinnamon
  • Calvados red cabbage with goose fat and Christmas spices
  • homemade kale
  • homemade dumplings
  • Goose jus: sauce based on goose fat
  • Butter crumbs
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Christmas Eve 3-course menu

Prepare a festive 3-course menu at home in 30-40 min.

Gingerbread carrot soup with giant shrimp

Braised goose leg with vanilla, anise and cinnamon on apple-red cabbage and kale, sauce-orange and potato dumplings, beurre noise
Bourguignon of ock cheek braised in French Madeiras cranberry sauce, apple-red cabbage and homemade potato dumplings
Grilled Loup-de-Mer (sea bass), grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes, stewed tomatoes.

Cinnamon cream with apple compote and crunch of caramelized nuts

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Safely packed

All components of the dish are separately vacuum-packed. This preserves the flavors and allows for safe transportation. Everything is shipped in a passively cooled transport box from paperfloc. The transport box can be 100% recycled in an eco-friendly way.

For pickup and delivery

On Christmas Eve, you can pick up your order from us 11-14. We deliver 12-15 o’clock within a radius of 6 km (as the crow flies).

Until 20.12. 5 pm you can pre-order.

We wish you a joyful Christmas season and look forward to your visit!