Pleasure from the sea

Salty and aromatic

Oysters and shrimps are a real delicacy and are a must in any French fresh restaurant.

Our premium shell fish come from the best sources and offer an extraordinary taste experience, which is very popular with connoisseurs. The Fines de Claire oysters are refined with fresh sea water for several weeks in order to obtain a very pure, subtle flavour.


Oysters «Fine de Claire»

with lemon and raspberry vinegar with shallots

3 Pcs € 12,00
6 Pcs € 24,00


unpeeled, blanched with rouille, cocktail sauce

6 Pcs € 13,00
12 Pcs € 24,00


peeled, fried in white wine Pernod sauce, cherry tomatoes

4 Pcs € 13,00
8 Pcs € 24,00

Please note, menu and prices are subject to change.