Enjoy without alcohol

Varied selection

For guests who do not drink alcohol, we also offer a comprehensive selection of drinks that ensure a successful evening.

Both hot and chilled drinks are available to you as non-alcoholic alternatives. From fruity juices to a fresh cup of coffee, there is something for everyone.


Hot drinks

Espresso2,20 €
Café americano2,80 €
Cappuccino3,20 €
Café au lait3,80 €
Café Latte4,20 €
Hot chocolate (Xocao) with cream3,80 €
Tea3,20 €

Mineral water

Viva con Agua0,33 l3,00 €
Viva con Agua0,75 l7,50 €
Evian1,0 l9,50 €
Badoit1,0 l9,50 €

Soft drinks

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon0,2 l3,00 €
Coca Cola light0,2 l3,00 €
Coca Cola0,2 l3,00 €
Orangina0,25 l3,00 €
Thomas Henry Tonic Water0,2 l3,00 €


Cranberry juice0,2 l.3,00 €
Apple juice0,2 l Fl.3,00 €
Orange juice0,2 l3,00 €
Rhubarb juice0,2 l3,00 €

Please note, menu and prices are subject to change.